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Who We Are

SpaceFold Technology is an independent immersive experience collective who specialise in creating intimate, immersive, and interactive performances and installations that make the audience the main character.


What We Believe

We believe that everyone deserves to feel special. So we work from the ground up to create performance art that gives agency to our audience to create play and foster meaningful conversations. 

Our Mission

We believe in audience focused art that also support working artists. We have created a sustainable model that delivers intimate, exciting, and immersive work that pays its artists and supports the local community.

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James Elliott

Creative Producer


James runs an immersive experience design company, The Puzzlemaker, specialising in immersive entertainment, activated spaces, and experiential services.

He has been a director, producer, actor, set designer, marketer, and roving performer within the Brisbane theatre scene since 2011.


Kristian Santic



Kristian has just come back from a 18-week season working with Broad Encounters on their immersive show "A Midnight Visit" in Melbourne, the biggest immersive theatre show to ever exist in Australia.

He has worked as a roving, interactive, immersive performer as well as director and choreographer for over 7 years in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and throughout regional Australia.

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